Do you collect anything? I collect vintage toys, ephemera, wood stamps, and even more things... I recently organized my wood, rubberstamp collection. The photo above represents a small portion of my stamps.

I think I started collecting them because I couldn't draw. Ha, ha, ha! I couldn't draw, but I still wanted to create  beautiful things (i.e. cards, art journals, etc...) with stunning images. Wood stamps solved my problem. 

Over the next year or so, I would like to create something with every stamp shown in the photo. Once I do that, I will change the display. Then, I'll make something with the new stamps. That way, I'll ensure that I'm not hoarding stamps. Ha, ha, ha! Rather, I'll be using & enjoying them.

Maybe I'll even share my creations here. (If they turn out okay, I definitely will. If not, you'll never know. Wink!)

Thank you for stopping by today.


(1) I found the wood storage at Michaels (and used a 50% off coupon).
(2) Most of the stamps above are from the following companies: Stampers Anonymous, Hampton Art, and Inkadinkado.

I am still continuing to write letters to people in need that I've found through the "More Love Letters" website. It's my hope to write at least one person every month. So many people are going through tough times. 

It's strange, but writing to others to make them feel better, makes me feel better. It gets me out of thinking about myself and my problems. It makes the world feel smaller, more intimate. Other people struggle, too,  --- not just you and me. 

You can always look around and find someone doing "better" than you (however you define that word), and someone doing worse... While we shouldn't compare ourselves to others,  it's good to recognize that everyone struggles at some point in their lives. The more we can openly talk about it, and share our pain with others, the better. 

I think by sharing our stories of hardship, it gives others permission to admit that it's okay not to have everything figured out right now. It's okay to NOT be perfect. It's okay to be yourself. 

We all struggle, and we can make it through TOGETHER.

With Love,

(1) Letters pictured are from the February & March 2018 letter requests. I will post April & May soon. (There were no January requests.)

(2) You can find my first post on More Love Letters by clicking:   *HERE*

(3) To visit the More Love Letters website, click here:

These are my best nine photos from Instagram last year (2017). It's always interesting to see what photos are "liked" the most. Looks like  pink & red (colors) made their way into my photos quite a bit.

Want to find your "best nine"? You can find out for free! 
(1) Just go to: 
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(3) Your most "liked" photos will appear in a few minutes.


Have you heard of the non-profit organization called "More Love Letters*" (*MLL)? It's wonderful! Right now, they have a 12 day writing campaign for people that could use some encouragement. 

The holiday season can be particularly sad, and emotional, depending on what has happened in someone's life. A letter can brighten someone's day, if only for a moment. You can read about the people in need, and find their letter requests on the More Love Letters website. Just click the link below:
12 December Love Letter Requests

There is still time to participate in the campaign. Letters must be mailed by this Wednesday, 12/20/17. Depending on how much time you have, you can write 1, 2, 3, ... or - - - 12 letters. I wrote 12 cards/letters.

Overall, writing the letters was uplifting. It's something that I would like to continue, since MLL posts requests each month on their website. Honestly, I was sad after reading each request. These are people who are dealing with real problems like death, disease and homelessness - RIGHT NOW. I let the request seep in, and then thought about how to encourage the recipient. Sometimes, I couldn't think of anything to say. I had to sleep on it. At times (often?) my words were inadequate. That was frustrating!  However, it was putting in the effort that made me feel good. I may never be able to stop bad things from happening in the world, but I CAN write a card/letter/postcard - - - TODAY - - -to someone that needs it. There is power in that!

Below are a few photographs of  letters/cards/postcards that I wrote and posted on Instagram (this month):

For a brave lady fighting cancer...

For two women who lost loved ones...

For people displaced during Hurricane Harvey in Texas...

To my surprise (and delight), More Love Letters reposted the photo of the postcards on their Instagram feed:
More Love Letters Instagram Photo

If YOU know someone who is mourning a loved one(s), battling depression, or suffering from any other type of setback in life, you can nominate them on the MLL website to receive love letters. I'm thinking about doing it... Here is a link to the page where you can nominate someone:
nominate someone for love letters (MLL)

If you do nominate someone, there are a few things to consider. First, you will be the contact person. The letters will be sent to your loved one "in care of" you.  You have to be comfortable sharing your address, or the address you want the letters to come to, with the public. The address will be published on the More Love Letters website

One safe/privacy option is to provide a post office box address. You can rent a P.O. Box at your local post office. They can tell you about the box sizes & rates that are available. Then, you can rent a box temporarily to cover the time that the letters will be coming in. 

Here's to helping others!
Here's to keeping letter writing alive!
Here's to you possibly joining in!

With Love,

If you want to hear how the organization started, click here:

Hello, there! Where do you keep your contact information? Do you keep it on your cellphone? Most people do these days. I keep some numbers in my cell phone, but I keep most of my information in an address book.

The photo above is of my new address book. I love it! It's a small Filofax planner (personal size). I wasn't using it much prior to converting it into an address book. However, I always loved the bright, red color! As my address book from the year 2000 (!) was getting torn up & ugly, I knew I had to replace it. I just couldn't find anything I liked...

Finally it dawned on me to use my Filofax, instead of searching for something else. I removed all the planner pages, then inserted alphabetical dividers & address pages from Day Runner. I also cut some Pink Paislee scrapbook paper down to size, and glued the "hello" journal card on top of it. It was so simple to set up. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless!

Shown in photo: 
-Saffiano Filofax, Poppy (color), personal size
-Front page scrapbook paper & journal card by Pink Paislee 
-Alphabetical dividers, "A-Z Tab Directory" by Day Runner
-"Seen and Heard" card by Dear Lizzy/ Project Life "Fine & Dandy" (130 piece kit)
-Doily/Michaels Recollections
-Pen by The Day Designer for Blue Sky

Let me introduce you to my new, "Market Floral", Happy Planner! Isn't she pretty? I was out of town minding my own business when I drove by Michaels craft store. I decided to pop in and take a look around. I didn't pack a planner with me on my trip, so I went to peek at the planner aisle. Well, I walked by "Market Floral" and she jumped into my arms and gave me a kiss. LOL.

I decided to pick up a black and white striped cover to make sure "Market Floral" was always protected. A lady needs a jacket to make sure she stays warm, right? He, he, he! This is the first time the company,"Me and My Big Ideas", has offered a deluxe, striped, planner cover, so I snapped it up! Plus, black and white is one of my favorite color combinations.

The planner runs from July 2017 through December 2018. Here's a look at the July starter pages:

(click photos for closeups)

 I promise to share more of the inside in later blog posts. I love flower theme throughout the planner and the gold-foiled lettering.
"Market Floral" is my new best friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
God Bless!

-Floral Happy Planner & Deluxe Cover by Me and My Big Ideas
-Pen made by The Day Designer for Blue Sky Planners
-Gold Heart, striped, journal card is by Dear Lizzy/Project Life, "Fine and Dandy" (130 piece kit)