If you use Instagram, did you decide to do your #2015bestnine? The website "2015bestnine" (dot com) will compile your nine most liked photos from last year into 1 photo grid. After seeing everyone's photos on Instagram, I couldn't resist. Here's mine:

The site was easy to use and my grid was ready in less than 5 minutes! The site added the header and footer shown in the photo. The results were a pleasant surprise to me. Some photos that I thought would be popular, weren't the most popular and vice versa. Are you thinking about using the site? Please read my P.S. section at the end of this post for a note (missive!) of caution. 

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All is well with my MAC computer now, but if you decide to use the site ("2015bestnine") proceed with caution. While using it, a pop-up message appeared saying I had a virus!

I had only used my computer that day to get my #2015best nine photo grid. So, if I really had a virus, I figured it came from them. So, I tried to exit the page, and got another pop-up...

According to the Geek Squad (computer repair specialists), if you have a virus, you won't be notified! I wish I knew it at the time! Instead, I followed the instructions that popped up to REMOVE the "virus" and in doing so, put my computer at risk. I knew I had anti-virus or some type of security software on my computer, but I couldn't remember what it was called! (Embarrassing!)

NOTE TO SELF: Know what security measures are on your computer. Write the name(s)down and keep the information somewhere accessible.

I finally got wise once "MacKeeper" (my so-called online friends that were going to remove the virus) did a partial free removal, and then asked for money to complete the removal. I knew whatever security system I had in place was already paid for. So, I shut down my computer immediately and took it to be repaired! I feel pretty silly for falling for the whole mess, but everything looked so legit, so - - - official:

I'm glad I took pictures along the way to share. I think I felt weird about the whole process and that's why I decided to take pics. Luckily, there was no damage to my computer. And I didn't give out any financial information. I hope others are as lucky. LESSON LEARNED. Thank you Geek Squad!

First, here's a flashback of previous "Happy Planner" layouts...

I've been using "The Happy Planner", by Me and My Big Ideas, since July. My planner runs from July 2015 - December 2016. Here's what I love about it:

  1. There are several designs to choose from, and each planner is different inside.
  2. It's fun to decorate! Me & My Big Ideas (also known as "Mambi") offers accessories for the planner so you can customize it. (More on that later in this post.)
  3. Folders, inserts, pages, etc... can be added to it easily.
  4. The pages are a nice THICKNESS! You can handle/turn the pages without wrinkling them. 
  5. It has 2-page weekly AND 2-page monthly sections for planning.
  6. Pictured above is another nice extra: the monthly overview. You can write in goals for the month, special events, notes, etc...
As I mentioned, there are several designs to choose from. Here's the cover of "The Happy Planner" that I chose:

I have to admit that at first, I was skeptical about whether I'd like the planner. I am used to Filofax & Webster's Pages planners... They both have rings instead of discs. See those hot pink discs on the left of the photo? I was afraid of them! LOL. 

HOWEVER, once I went into the store and handled the planner, I saw how easy it was to work with the discs. Pages can easily be inserted in or taken out of the planner. Additionally, you can purchase a "Levenger" hole punch, so you can add your own pages or journal cards to the planner. (I purchased one and have found it indispensable. In case you'd like one, I'll include a Levenger link for you at the end of this post.)

In this photo, the "Levenger" punch is above the planner:

(Click on photo for a larger view)

Also included in the photo above (on the left & right) are pocket folders. They are pre-punched and are easy to slip inside the planner. The pens shown in the middle are SAKURA GELLY ROLL pens. I love using them because they come in lots of colors, and the ink does not seep through the page and bleed into the other side.

MAMBI offers accessories galore to customize your planner!

Let's go over items #1-8 shown clockwise (okay, semi-clockwise. it's not a perfect circle. LOL.) above:

  1. Get It Done Stickers - stickers with positive, motivating statements like "Don't Quit Your Daydream". 
  2. To Do Stickers (bright version) - stickers designed to fit in the columns of your "weekly view" section. Stickers such as "workout", "meeting", and "deadline" keep you on track.
  3. Puffy Stickers - adorable round puffy stickers with sayings such as "This Week", "Let's Do This", etc... You get 2 sheets (and each one has 30 stickers).
  4. mambiSTICKS - chipboard stickers that add fun and dimension to your planner. I used these in the second photo in this blog post. I love the chalkboard look that these have!
  5. Pocket Folders - these can hold loose papers, stickers, etc... They are already pre-punched & ready to slip in your planner (and come in fun designs)!
  6. Inspiration Cards - positive sayings on 24 pre-punched cards that you can slip into your planner. Package includes circular and square shapes.
  7. Puffy Stickers (icons) - puffy hearts, asterisks, stars, check marks, arrows, etc... to highlight things in your planner.
  8. Note & Graph Paper - pre-punched lined & graph paper (20 sheets each). These are great for taking notes, making lists, doodles, etc... They are easy to insert or take out of your planner (and carry with you).

I hope these notes are helpful... So, are you ready to join in The Happy Planner craze? To find the latest planners & accessories on MAMBI's website, just click here:

Me & My Big Ideas Shop

To see more of my Happy Planner layouts, just click *HERE*. If you decide to purchase one, I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!

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Here's a link to the Levenger Circa 1-2-3 Portable punch (on their site):
Levenger Circa-1-2-3-Portable-Punch

You may also find it on Amazon.com:
Amazon site - Levenger Circa 1-2-3 Portable Punch

The 1st photo shows Simple Stories brand journal cards & stickers (from the "Claus & Co." line). The other planner photos feature Me & My Big Ideas stickers/embellishments exclusively.

If you have trouble finding the accessories shown in the last photo, try searching for them on Amazon.com.

"Hope + Healing"  © Kelly Rae Roberts

I've been away longer than I anticipated..."Hope + Healing" by artist Kelly Rae Roberts (shown above), describes exactly where I am right now. I am hopeful because a new year has come. I am focused on healing because we lost four family members between June and November of 2015. It was a strange season for our family, but we leaned on each other. 

I was able to spend some extra time crafting towards the end of the year. It lifted my spirits during a difficult time... I know my grieving is not over, but I wanted to return to this space and wish you & yours a bright, blessed 2016!


You may learn more about artist Kelly Rae Roberts and her work at: www.kellyraeroberts.com