Meet my new planner, "Posh"! Posh is a part of the Simple Stories line of Carpe Diem planners & accessories introduced last summer (2016). I bought the Carpe Diem Posh boxed set last month. It's perfect! I can start "planning" at any time because the inserts are undated. It came with 12 monthly calendar pages (undated), 12 monthly tabbed dividers (undated), 72 weekly inserts (undated), and a lovely acetate dashboard (the first page) with gold foil print. 

In the photo above, you can't actually see the acetate dashboard with gold foil print. It's really pretty and says, "Choose to Shine". However, I decided I wanted 2 acetate dashboards, so what you're looking at is the one that I made and placed on top of it! He, he, he. 

Here's what I did:

  1. I cut an 8.5" x 11" transparency sheet (bought at office supplies store) down to size to fit the planner.
  2. I used a hole punch to punch holes, so it would fit inside the binder.
  3. I glued down the 4" x 6" "Reset" Bingo card (part of The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Collection)
  4. I glued on wood, Bingo number embellishments (bought at Michaels store).

Once it was all dry, I flipped it up to see the "Choose to Shine" dashboard. I often flip back-and-forth to admire both. I'm in love with both dashboards!

The paper & pocket cards shown tucked inside of the left side of the planner are all from Simple Stories', The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Collection

I'm in love with Poshy!

Thank you for indulging me. He he he.

Today, I'm sharing a few recent "before the pen" layouts in my "The Happy Planner." As I mentioned in my previous post (click here: last post ), sometimes I decorate the entire week in advance. Other times, I decorate as I go. When I'm really swamped, I do all my planning on a legal pad with no decoration at all! Ha, ha, ha!

I'm happiest when I can spend some time planning in advance and making things pretty. It keeps me motivated! Here are two layouts from the week of 2/13/17:

(Above: classic size, Peony style "The Happy Planner" )

(Above: mini size, Peony style "The Happy Planner")

I use the classic size (7.75" x 9.75") planner to list "to-do" daily chores & errands. I'm still experimenting with how I want to use the mini size (5.125" x 7.5") planner. So far I've used it as a mini journal of things I want to remember about my day, and as a space to write down things I am grateful for each day.

All decorations shown on the planners are by the company, Me & My Big Ideas. I've used a combination of their pocket/journal cards, mambiCHIPS (chipboard stickers), soft spoken (3D embellishments),  and their Pocket Pages Hugs & Kisses kit. The company has a great line of  products you can use to decorate your planner, scrapbook, handmade cards, etc...

Thanks so much for stopping by!


The first photo is of my mini size, Peony "The Happy Planner".

Today, I'm sharing a few "after the pen" layouts in my "The Happy Planner" by Me & My Big Ideas. Sometimes, I decorate a few days at a time (see Monday - Wednesday above). Other times, I decorate and plan the whole week in advance, such as shown below:

My planning style varies depending upon the amount of time I have. When I'm really rushed, believe me, a legal pad with my notes and lists will get the job done! When I have time, I like to make things look pretty. Plus, I think it makes me feel better about the mundane tasks on my list. He, he, he!

Here are two more favorites from last year:

You may have noticed that I like to have white space in my layouts. It keeps me calm, so I don't stress out about all the things I need to do. LOL.  The only time I tend cram tasks on every line is when I "plan" on legal pads.

How about you? Are you on team "white space" or "cram"? Hey, whatever gets your "to-do" list checked off, right? There's more than one way to get things done.

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All decorations (stickers, paper clips) shown on my "The Happy Planner" pages are from the company, "Me & My Big Ideas." To take a look at their website, just click below:

Me & My Big Ideas Website (products)

It's been awhile since I've posted here, and I'd like to do more this year. I'm still obsessed with "planning" so get ready for tons of pictures! Ha, ha, ha!

Since I last posted about "The Happy Planner" (by the Me & My Big Ideas Company), they have expanded their line to include sticker value packs, ribbon paper clips, washi tape, hourly tracking sheets, and so much more. To take a peek at all the happy, eye candy at their website, just click here:

The Happy Planner Products

 One of the exciting changes (since we last "talked") is that they have 3 different sizes of planners: BIG, Classic, and mini. The big size measures 9 inches x 11.25 inches. Classic size runs 7.75 inches x 9.75 inches. The mini size is an adorable 5.125 inches x 7.5 inches. 

New planners for 2017-2018 were just released the first week of March. You may take a look at all the new designs, by clicking below:

Newest planner release for 2017-2018

The planner shown in the first photo is mine. It's an undated, "faith based" planner for Christians. It's gorgeous inside with beautiful calligraphy, bible quotes, and photos of flowers. Here's a look inside mine:

I love that there a prompts preceding each month (see example above)!  The prompts allow you to reflect on people you want to pray for, things you are grateful for, and what your spiritual goals are. 

I decided to use the undated, monthly section to write something that I am grateful for each day. Here's an example:

I decided to use the weekly planning section to write down some bible verses and then some of my own thoughts. Here's an example:

Thank you so much for taking a look! Since I have several planners, it's fun to use them in creative ways. Do you use a planner or planners? How do you use yours?