Meet my new planner, "Posh"! Posh is a part of the Simple Stories line of Carpe Diem planners & accessories introduced last summer (2016). I bought the Carpe Diem Posh boxed set last month. It's perfect! I can start "planning" at any time because the inserts are undated. It came with 12 monthly calendar pages (undated), 12 monthly tabbed dividers (undated), 72 weekly inserts (undated), and a lovely acetate dashboard (the first page) with gold foil print. 

In the photo above, you can't actually see the acetate dashboard with gold foil print. It's really pretty and says, "Choose to Shine". However, I decided I wanted 2 acetate dashboards, so what you're looking at is the one that I made and placed on top of it! He, he, he. 

Here's what I did:

  1. I cut an 8.5" x 11" transparency sheet (bought at office supplies store) down to size to fit the planner.
  2. I used a hole punch to punch holes, so it would fit inside the binder.
  3. I glued down the 4" x 6" "Reset" Bingo card (part of The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Collection)
  4. I glued on wood, Bingo number embellishments (bought at Michaels store).

Once it was all dry, I flipped it up to see the "Choose to Shine" dashboard. I often flip back-and-forth to admire both. I'm in love with both dashboards!

The paper & pocket cards shown tucked inside of the left side of the planner are all from Simple Stories', The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Collection

I'm in love with Poshy!

Thank you for indulging me. He he he.

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